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Warm Weather Jewelry Protection Tips

Posted on August 10 2023

Warm Weather Jewelry Protection Tips

Here are some tips to keep your jewelry in top shape this season. 

1. Avoid sand and salt : Although Moissanite is one of the hardest materials known and sand is unlikely to effect it abrasion is still possible on the mounting surfaces of a ring or necklace. If you're wearing your jewelry at the beach avoid the buildup of sand or salt around these mounting surfaces. Keep a soft bristle brush or two handy to gently clear away any buildup that may occur on these surfaces.

2. Avoid Lotions or harsh chemicals : Although unlikely to effect the metal or stones themselves lotions can cause your jewelry to temporarily lose some of it's sparkle and shine. I don't know anyone who wants less sparkle on their jewelry so they are best avoided around your pieces! Keep a delicate cloth handy to wipe your jewelry down as needed.

3. Avoid colder water : This one may seem a little less obvious but this tip is designed so you don't lose your favorite jewelry! Don't forget that your finger does actually shrink a bit when exposed to colder water and this could cause you to actually lose a ring that you really love! Especially when you're busy playing in the ocean and not paying close attention. 

4. Cleaning : After your day at the beach don't forget to give your jewelry some love and a nice cleaning. Place your jewelry in a warm mild detergent and water mixture and let sit for about 10 minutes. Then gently brush your jewelry with a soft bristle toothbrush to remove any grains of sand or elements prior to drying. For more tips on cleaning see our tips.


Have fun out there and don't forget to shine brighter than the sun with Moissanite from Laszlo V this season!


-Laszlo V