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Beautiful Fall Traditions around the World

Posted on September 26 2023

Beautiful Fall Traditions around the World

Fall Traditions to Fall in Love With - 

As the days shorten, leaves turn a beautiful array of colors, and the weather cools people around the world celebrate the changing of seasons in a myriad of ways. 

In Korea, Chuseok or “Autumn Eve” is celebrated as a harvest festival where the theme is to take time to celebrate and respect the spirit of your ancestors. The focus is on a bountiful harvest and wishing for each year to be better than the last. Luckily for most the focus is mostly on eating wonderful food with great family and visiting the old places where your ancestors once roamed to pay your respects.  

In Great Britain for the thanksgiving timeframe Bonfire night is celebrated to great fanfare. Torches and bonfires are lit throughout the land creating an almost nation wide beautiful fire spectacle. Originally celebrated after a failed assassination attempt on a king, the holiday has become more peaceful over the years since it was first celebrated in 1605. Firework displays adorn the sky in various cities during these celebrations as well. 

In Mexico Dia de Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is celebrated October 31st through November 2nd Closely aligning with the Halloween tradition, this holiday puts time aside to celebrate those that are no longer with us on earth. Caring and maintaining graves, making offering to the dead, and building altars to remember the dead are all accomplished during Dia de Los Muertos. Many Caterina figures, or female skeleton figurines, can be found around festival areas during this grand celebration. What a wonderful way to honor those that have passes by having a great time while alive!

In parts of Vietnam and China many celebrate the Moon Festival, a harvest festival that takes place during the full moon between September and October. Gathering with others, offering thanksgiving and prayers are the key elements of celebration during the Moon festival. Lighted baskets are decorated and floated down rivers by all and the gorgeous glow is unlike that anywhere else. In the distant past only Monks would be allowed to release these sky lanterns but not it’s a spectacle partaken by all. 

Whatever your choice of celebration this Autumn, make a new hand made gift from Laszlo V a part of your tradition. Have a safe and happy Autumn season!

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