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Happy Holidays to all our valued customers!

Posted on December 14 2020

Happy Holidays to all our valued customers!

This year has certainly been a challenging one for us all. I hope that the circumstances surrounding it have brought everyone closer together to family and friends and made us realize what is really important. The bright smiles you see around you at this time of year can be brightened even further with a wonderful gift from Laszlo V Jewelry! What better way to spend our time inside with family than to find the perfect piece of jewelry to fall in love with! Shop our selection today. Also, check out these few strange winter traditions you may not be aware of - 

1. The Krampus Run - Austria has a very interesting twist on the holiday season. The Krampus Run! Krampus is like the bad Santa ...Krampus seeks out only naughty children to punish them, and if he finds a particularly naughty one, he takes that child away with him in his sack. But the celebration comes when people dress up as witches and devils and take to the streets, carrying torches and causing mayhem, for the annual Krampus Run, which is designed to scare people and keep kids on the straight and narrow! Check it out.

2. Night of the Radishes - In Mexico a vegetable gets a lot of attention this time of year. A 3 Day festival involving the carving of vegetables, especially large radishes, comes to fruition this time of year. Known as Noche de los Rabanos this celebration began when farmers began carving radishes into figurines to attract customers for the Christmas season. 

3. Ursul The Bear Dance - In the Romania people love to dress up in bearing costumes during the season to drive away evil spirits! They even make their costumes themselves after a successful hunting expedition sometimes and create their own dance routines. It's a time of joy and celebration welcoming the coming solstice and new year. 

Always cherish the great differences we have among ourselves in the world with our traditions but remember all we have in common. We all seek peace, love, and a new hope during this winter season and this year more than ever it is important to come together as a human race and celebrate! We wish everyone a joyous holiday season and New Year to come!!


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